A Plastic Surgeon on Dermatologists & boob jobs.

RLS posts his thoughts on Dermatologists who perform surgeries while unprepared for the complications from the thread on a Dermatologist who's pissed at medspa FP's and OB's.

fingerprint_definition.jpg"In my opinion (as a plastic surgeon), we as physicians would all like to assume that we are uniquely gifted and qualified to perform the procedures and/or treatments that we do. Are there FPs, derms, ect that can do fillers, lasers, ect. better than me? Most likely.

But the real issue in regard to training and ability is not the difficulty of the procedure- I think someone above alluded to the fact that these treatments are for the most part pretty basic- but are you able, willing, and have the training (and hospital privileges) necessary to handle the complications that can arise from these treatments. If you really feel like you do, great. If not, I think you need to rethink about the disservice you may be providing to your patients.

There is a dermatologist here where I live who does breast augmentations in his office. He advertises heavily and has a pretty busy practice, but when he runs into trouble with his cases (which is not infrequent), he calls the ambulance, tells the driver to take them to the ER of the nearest hospital (of which I am on staff), and tells the patient "good luck!!". The ER doc calls the plastic surgeon on call And now it is our problem to deal with. Now my afternoon is shot because he does not have the ability to deal with the complications. Not fair to me, and certainly not fair to the patients.

just my two cents"

Not having much experience with sending patients to the ER, I'm somewhat surprised by this and would like to hear some thoughts regarding complications that require an anbulance exit.