List your medspa on Medical Spa MD for $50.

satisfactionguaranteedNow don't think I'm getting ornery, but this site takes up a fair amount of time.

And while I started this site out of the profound goodness of my heart and desire to help my fellow man, the bills still have to get paid. (There aren't actually that many.) So, there are a couple of things I'm initiating in order to keep that warm fuzzy feeling I have for all of you.

  • The long awaited medical print on demand solution that I've been working on for the last three months is supposedly almost ready. (Developers are the car mechanics of the web.)
  • There are some company sponsors who have contacted me about becoming sponsors. (Identified of course.) Don't expect the medspa franchises to be among them.
  • I'm going to sell some advertising space to companies, vendors, and... to individual medical spas.

Here's the pitch:

Advertise your Medspa on Medical Spa MD
Cost: $50 /year

If you have a medical spa,
the very best thing you can do to drive patients to your web site is to increase your visibility to search engines so that you can be found. Medical Spa MD is the authority in this space with over 100,000 page views a month and 20,000 unique visitors. Purchasing a link to your site means that Google, Yahoo, MSN and the rest of the search engines will increase the importance that give to your site and raise you in their search index. (And you'll feel good knowing that your $50 will go to help pay my hosting bills.)

If you feel that you've gotten some smarts or info that's been of benefit, give a thought to pulling out your card and listing your medspa on this site where it will join the other clinics under: Fantastic Medical Spas.

If you're one of the first ten or so medspas to join I'll show you some special love. If you think that $50 is too much... well, it's less than I've spent on any single type of advertising for any of my clinics, ever. (Hell, it costs $250 for a classified ad.)

To purchase a link to your site, just click the buy now button, follow the directions and send payment via the paypal page (enter $50 in the amount box),  and include your link and 20-30 words about your medical spa or cosmetic practice. That's it.

$50 and your site will appear here under: Fantastic Medical Spas