Why every physician should be blogging.

blogito.jpgThe  Independent Urologist has an excellent post on why you should be blogging as a doctor..

blockquote.gifBy blogging actively and transparently--in your own name--you can influence the dialogue that already exists and turn it in your own favor. Your blog should be compelling, honest, and well written, and if it meets those criteria, people will find it and link to it. The more posts, the more links, and the higher the google organic ranking. Plus, it's fun, and you'll make friends.

All of your posts should be linked to your own website, if you have one, and--this is key--you must blog in your own name and be proud of what you write.

This way, you can influence the conversation that takes place in cyberspace that is about you. blockquoteend.gif

You really should blog or have your staff blog. If you don't know how, it's actually incredibly easy these days. I recommend the site that I use (Read my review of squarespace here.) It literally only takes about 3 minutes and you're ready to go. If you can use email or word, you can manage this system.

It's also good business. Linking your blog to that static site that you paid to have built might mean that someone can actually find out what you do and offer on the web. (I'm not kidding.) 80% of potential patients are using the internet to research major purchases. Blogging gives these potential patients an opportunity to find you and give you a point of contact and trust building.

Take a look at some of the physician blogs listed on the resource page. You really should be blogging.