Med Spa Marketing with Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts to keep track of what is being said about you and your clinic or medspa on the net.

googlealertsignup.gifWant to know what people are saying about you and yours on the web? Use Google Alerts to set up notifications when bloggers write a post about the specific topic in question. This sends an automated email to your inbox every day or once a week as you choose.

If you're running a business then there are people mentioning you on the web in forums or blogs. Google alerts let you keep track of all this information in one place.

Alerts also have the benefit of allowing you to easily stay in touch with the latest posted information about Botox, Thermage, Sona Medspas, DermaDoc (wink) or whatever else you're interested in. I keep about 30 alerts and have them set to notify me weekly. (I find daily notifications unmanageable.)

The trick here is to specify very carefully exactly the information you're wanting to receive.  My alerts include keywords like: Jeff Barson, Medical Spas, Medspas, Medispas... You'll need to think slightly about possible wording if you're looking to get everything but Google will send you every reference that fits.