Medical Spa Marketing: Your DVD waiting room loop.

plasma-display.jpgWaiting Room Loop DVD

If you've got a waiting room, it should have a big plasma screen TV with a professional presentation showing your services on it. Actually, you may not want it to be that big but certainly very visible.

Perhaps the easies way to inform your existing patients of what you're offering and keep them asking questions. Like anything else, there are some tricks and tips to achieve sales rather than have it look like you're showing your home movies.

Why does it work so well? 

It's free: You're already paying $15k a month in advertisng so having something that doesn't have a recurring cost is sweet, sweet love for the wallet.

It's a captive audience: You currently have one of the most desirable situations in all of advertising already built into your waiting room experience…a captive audience and people who are already inside your business. One of the biggest hurdles you have is just letting your patients know what it is you offer.

Education is the key – Research shows that up to 90% of your medical patients do not fully understand aesthetics or the services you are now offering. Showing a ten minute loop with explainations and before and after images presented in a professional way is killer and if done properly will lead to a host of questions and consults.

Insures more comprehensive consultations – Your DVD will provide a great deal of information that will shorten your consultation time and help patients better understand each procedure they are considering. The DVD is an effective tool for those patients who were initially hesitant and in need of more information before making a decision to move forward.

Turn medical “patients” into aesthetic “customers” – A DVD loop in your waiting room is the most convenient and effective way to “cross-sell” patients who are visiting you for medical reasons. Unlike patient brochures, DVD video is a powerful visual medium that stimulates the interest of your target market at a significantly higher rate with a lower cost than conventional advertising such as print, radio and even direct mail.

Personalize your practice with the human touch – A DVD will personalize your practice so that your potential MedSPA patients can actually view brief live demonstrations of your several aesthetic services. The video will help motivate your patients to ask questions, allowing you to answer their questions, express your desire and concern in providing the utmost care for your patients, and sharing your philosophy about their health and happiness. These typically are not things that can be done during a normal check-up or procedure, due to everyday time constraints.