American Laser Clinics: Exactly how to F$%k up your reputation. A cautionary tale.

uncoolCustomer service is the same in your medical spa as it is anywhere else.

It's amazing what passes for service in a doctors office and I see that moving into medical spas now as well. Here's a story from Name Withheld about her experience in an American Laser Clinic.

Name Withheld posted this comment about her experience with American Laser Clinics (read the entire comment here):

...Out of the litany of complaints I have about this worst-of-the-worst companies, the most colorful is the one about some poor woman of about 22, who waited until I was stark naked except for a pair of panties, then came in to offer an absurd Easter promotion to me. She carried an Easter basket into the treatment area and tried to MAKE me pull an egg out to find out what discount I was eligible for. She went on and on about how I ought to consider cellulite treatment WHILE I WAS NUDE (and in honor of a holiday about...Jesus Christ. I think this is an extra-bad sin:). Maybe her poor little brain thought that I'd...cave as she insulted my body and cough up more cash?? Who knows - it DID make me terribly uncomfortable though...

While the retelling of this is actually pretty funny, it obviously wasn't funny in the first person. Name Withheld is obviously upset and now posting about her experiences as she has every right to do. With the current situation on the Dermacare threads it should be obvious that patients now have a much louder voice than ever before. This is especially true of national chains but don't think because you're a local operation that you're immune. If you have patients who are unhappy enough to on online and post, you'll have patients who will find that negative feedback. A cautionary tale.