Medical Spa MD is going to help market your medspa.

money%20tree.jpgIt's been a long time in development, but it looks like the medical marketing arm of Medical Spa MD is about to make it's appearance.

In a study of medical spas and cosmetic medical practices the number one most pressing concern is getting more patients. So I've decided to build a more robust solution of the types of marketing that Surface does and offer it to the readers of this site.

If you've read this site and you've got an IQ in the double digits you'll know my feelings about the current crop of medical spa franchises, but... there are a number of principals that make franchises attractive. Perhaps the main one is a hope that they'll help you get patients that you don't know how or can't afford to. Certainly advertising, design, marketing, and new patient flow in general is the great bugaboo for many docs.

So I'm going to print you up some money... kinda.

With the help of some printers and developers, I'm building a portal to help the readers of this site handle that nasty business of getting new patients to walk through your front door. Soon, (within weeks) Medical Spa MD will have a link that will allow you to print and mail the highest quality postcards, letters, and newsletters to your existing clients or targeted mailing lists in your area, and even out source your calls to a call center. This will all work on amazingly low runs and still have all the efficiencies of the web. And I think I'll be able to set it up so that we're paying 20-30% less than any existing solution. It's a perfect solution.

I got the idea from a thread on this site about creating a buying consortium. Certainly I'm familiar with the challenges of growing clinics and advertising is perhaps where more money is wasted than any other area.

So let me outline how I'm intending to build the process. You're welcome to comment about features, pricing, options, etc. since this is still in the formative state and I'm happily soliciting input.

The new medical marketing site will allow you to:

  • Print direct mail postcards in runs as low as 100.
  • Choose from a number of templates that would be targeted specifically at the retail medical and medspa market.
  • Change the offers, copy and contact information.
  • Have the option of utilizing a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly mailing that changes but keeps your information.
  • Upload your own mailing list (patients for example) or buy a targeted list for your market (Nearest 5000 female home owners over thirty for example.) with the click of a button.
  • Have you're own branded 8 page newsletter printed and mailed for about 85 cents each
  • Save you 20-30% over what you could buy anywhere else, including the discount online shops.
  • Outsource your calls to a call center. (Even if you only want to do 100 a month.)
  • Manage all of this online.

The only way to actually accomplish this is to build a vertical. But what will you care if I'm mailing the same post card? This is a killer solution... at least as I envision it. We'll see if it's a cool as I think it is. Comment and tell me what you'd be looking for and if it makes sense I'll build it in.

If you're interested make sure you join Medical Spa MD as a member (it's free of course) so you get the announcements and pricing.