Solana Medspas is out of business?

Seems that Solana Medspas site is down. I've received two emails this morning asking if they've gone out of business and this comment on a Solana discussion thread in the forums:

"Well it looks like Buckingham and company can't hurt anyone else. The website is down and they are nowhere to be found. Hey, Over It...the truth hurts. Are you sure you aren't a Solana Owner in denial or just covering your rear end? Between the University of Arizona charges, Brooks College 60 Minutes expose and firing, Health West fiasco and connections, continuing client failures, deadbeat dad website stating a failure to pay tens of thousands in child support to his ex-wife (which was the final straw on why we didn't contract with Solana), etc... Wake up everyone associated or affiliated with Buckingham. it is time you recognize him for who he is before he hurts more people."

 I don't know why the Solana Medspas site is down but it can't be a good sign. (The first time you load the page you may see a little 'Solana Medspas Logo' flicker for just a second before you're redirected to the under construction page. This is usually a sign that the ISP has suspended the account.