Review: Finesse Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Sponsored Review: Finesse Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California.

With more and more cosmetic medical patients making their first research about a physician or treatment online, the ability to create a valuable site becomes paramount.

Finesse, a cosmetic clinic run by Dr. Savalia, Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon, is obviously taking this seriously with a site that integrates many features; newsletter, photo gallery, promotional area, and blog. It's an attempt that goes far beyond the usual static site that never changes.

Dr Savilia has also spent money on SEO and has at least a modicum of optimization around the site. If you visit you'll notice that the footer is choc-a-block full of terms around cosmetic surgery in Orange County. The purpose is to pump up the site's rankings in organic search (the terms that patients may be searching for.)
While it's far superior to most attempts, it does have it's shortcomings. The navigation's cluttered, there's no clear direction since the site's trying to offer everything, and the design and color scheme are dated. (Why is it that these sites look like they were designed by my grandmother.)On the plus side he is showing before and after pictures of his own surgical patients which is standing him in good stead and he's actively recruiting patient online with keywords like Newport Beach plastic surgery and face lift.