Should I open a medical spa?

Below is an example of the many emails I receive from doctors in residency. Many of these types of questions are from doctors in Family Practice but there are also quite a few from Plastic Surgery and Dermatology residents who don't want to be a lacky forever.

I've removed the name from the email but the questions are common so I thought I'd post this and see what sort of collective wisdom you more experienced doctors have for an about-to-be-graduate.

I am currently in my first year of Residency in Family Medicine. I am very interested in Aesthetic Medicine and in opening up a Cosmetic Spa when I am finished with my residency training. What are your suggestions in terms of how feasible this will be for me? Do I need to work for a few years as a general practioner before being able to proceed in this direction, or do I have the opportunity to dive straight into a cosmetic spa when I finish my training. I am hoping to use my elective time to learn cosmetic procedures. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
University of Oklahoma