Botox training for physicians: SEO Garbage

SEO (search engine optimization) is becomming increasingly important for your clinic or medspa.

If you happen to search for Medical Spas on Google you'll be thrilled to know that Medical Spa MD ranks #1. Why? Because there are thousands of comments and nearly a thousand posts that are all original content and create for those searching for informaton that's found on this site.

Of course there are the scammers and hackers who play the system.

Search for Botox Training for Physicians and you'll see a hose of adword-cram sites that exist only to get you to click on a paid listing link and charge the company for the click. These pages are build in the hundreds and stuffed with backlinks and garbage content that's copied and pasted. It's not original, it's not worth anything, and it exists only to trick consumers into clicking on ads since they typically have no other navigation or content for anyone to click on.

Here's an example con job page that ranks high in Google for 'Botox Training for Physicians'. You'll notice that there's no links other adwords. This site is so bad they're actually named Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 at the bottom and evey other link is named; Is anything better than Botox, Physician Botox training and other such keyword stuffing. So this site is actually sitting on top of the content that you would actually be looking for if you were looking for Botox training. The best content on the page is actually 'in' the ppc ads but there's no relevance, just paid listings.

I should note here that if you try to do this a couple of things happen:

  • You loose all credibility. It's really easy to spot when sites are doing this.
  • Google could very well catch you and penalize you by dropping your ranking. If you're using some type of SEO service that does this you're equally vulnerable.

I'll be writing more about SEO and how the web can be used correctly to disseminate the content you want to send and put it in front of the potential patients who are looking for you.