The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association (MAPA) + Medical Spa MD.

Medical Spa MD is pleased to now be providing services to MAPA, The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association.

MAPA members have been using this site for some time to organize events and schedule chat sessions. We're happy to provide additional capabilites to MAPA by building out a portiion of the site that will allow MAPA members a single place to stay up to date.

Read the new MAPA Blog, participate in a live chat or read the transcripts, find reviews of medical spa technologies, or contact MAPA.

About MAPA from Jeffrey E. Epstein, MD:

The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association has been formed to advance the Clinical and Business practicies of Medical Aesthetics by facilitating "information exchange" among clinic owners and medical practitioners who work in large and small communities all around the world.

This organization is about taking the information we get from the laser companies, product companies, lumenaries and experts and putting it through the "real world" grinder of everyday experiences in busy clinical practices in order to perfect and polish the final informational product. We hope this will lead to safer treatments with better clinical outcomes.

The MAPA area will grow increasingly robust over the coming weeks with forums, a library and archive and additional features.

I'll note here that MAPA is an independant organization and not owned by Medical Spa MD.