Medical Spa MD Advertising

A quick answer to a question I received via email.

Hey jeff, I have a question for you. The ads that appear on the right side of MedicalSpaMD in the "Ads by Google" space, did you subscribe to Ad Sense to get them there? Are they Google Ad Words ads, or are they from a PPC company like Yodle or Reach Local?

We have a number of advertisers on Medical Spa MD, some of whom use Google and others who want specific placement and visibility who place their medical spa ads directly.

These direct ppc ads are used for a couple of purposes; to pay our hosting and bandwidth costs so we don't have to charge readers, and to pay the fees for other services we use to communicate with Members and fulfill orders. On the other end the advertisers gain access to more than a million and a half page views from a pretty select member community. It seems to be working out pretty well since we're getting an increasing number of businesses who want to become a Medical Spa MD Partner.