PermaTox: Botox results that are permanent?

PermaTox? I was sent a link to this page by a patient who was asking my opinion about this treatment.

Has anyone heard of this Permatox proceedure? The last line of this pitch discloses that it was developed by prominent cosmetic surgeon named Guillermo Blugerman. In looking up Guillermo Blugerman on Google it seems that he's a surgeon from Argentina.

Any plastic surgeons on the boards here heard of PermaTox or have an opinion on it?

Here's the pitch for PermaTox from a medical spa web site:

PermaTox – A Brand New Procedure That Promises Botox-Like Results That Are Permanent

Tired of frequent Botox injection visits? PermaTox might be the long-term wrinkle solution for you! A new procedure that promises to give you longer lasting results without the needles!

PermaTox - has been tipped as a possible future anti-wrinkle remedy that uses a thin surgical thread to sever the specific nerves that cause frowning, which results in less movement and fewer lines.

While PermaTox patients might still receive periodic Botox® injections in other forehead areas, sometimes keeping the glabella (frowning nerves between the eyes that makes that annoying furrow between the brows) relaxed can, over time, soften wrinkles in other forehead areas, as well.

An observed effect of this treatment has been that eyebrows gradually tend to become more elevated and horizontal forehead lines reduced, potentially eliminating the need for elective surgery or Botox injections entirely for some patients.

PermaTox , is safe and quick, taking only 30 minutes in the office to perform.

Dr. B_____ is the only one performing this procedure and trained by the prominent cosmetic surgeon Guillermo Blugerman, who developed this technique.

Interestingly, all of the Google search results for PermaTox are for pest control.