Fraxel 1500: Pain control when performing fractional treatments.

There are some new comment threads of interest in the Physician to Physicain Forums including this one on the Fraxel 1500 and pain control when performing treatments.

What is the strongest numbing cream that you can order from a compounding pharmacy?

I currently get a combination of lidocaine/prilocaine that the pharmacy will not tell me how and what concentration it is. It is better than Emla, but is there anything else out there? Currently we are getting people through the CO2 first pass with my cream, a 10 mg of Vicodin and 2 mg of Ativan, all PO, but when it comes to the dynamic phase where I blend, they start squirming. I am at the point, I may start to do conscious sedation with Fentyl and Versed. If anyone is using the Lutronic CO2, my settings are 100-160 mJ and 100-150 spots/cm2(density is automatically calculated for you)...