Redness after IPL & Laser Treatments: DeepFX & ActiveFX

For those who are seeing a lot of redness after DeepFX & ActiveFX treatments:

I am getting lots of redness which is lasting 6 weeks and longer.
Checkerboard where I did Deepfx. Any suggestions about how to avoid or help
it fade faster. It fades to the point where it can be covered up within 2 weeks,
but still would like to know any tricks you have come up with.

Also for men, they don't use coverup makeup! - so this is more of a problem.

Finally, any tips for better visualization of where you have treated with
DeepFx? Hard to see pulse patterns and with blood and serum oozing, hard to tell exactly where you have been. Any tips??? Are you all having the same problems?

I do Deepfx at 17.5 j with Density 3
I do ActiveFx over deepfx at density 1 energy 70 (to blend color).
I try to place pulse patterns right next to each other without leaving
spaces. I do Activefx around the eyes (not deep)