New additions and sponsors of Medical Spa MD.

There's been a tremendous amount of activity around the site lately and I want to make sure that Medical Spa MDs new sponsors, advertisers and partners are noticed.

The Medical Spa Classifieds Ads have really taken off with with a number of sales in it's first month of existence. If you're an individual (not a business) you're invited to list your your equipment for free there.

New Sponsor:

Medical Chat Live has joined the site as a sponsor and they're offering a substantial discount to their service for those physicians and clinics who would like to add live chat to their website and join throught the link on Medspa MD. While their regular pricing is a $100 setup fee and $50 a month, you can try it out through Medical Spa MD for just $9.95 for the first month and then $30 a month if you're satisfied with the service.

A new addition to the Medica Spa Directory

Cherry Hill Laser & Skin Care Center - NewJersey Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and Cherry Hill Laser are the most experienced providers of Cosmetic Skin Care Services in South Jersey. We have performed over 40,000 procedures and we have 14 Cosmetic Lasers. Dr. Epstein is also a prime mover behind the addition of the new Medical Aesthetic Practice Association area to the site.

MAPA - The Medical Aesthetic Practice Association

The MAPA area of Medical Spa MD has been fleshed out a little and now includes some fantastic information and the addition of live hosted chats to the site. Inside the MAPA area you'll find:

You'll also be able to see new posts to the MAPA area with the RECENT POSTS section of the navigation that will include new posts from throughtout the site.

MAPA member are some long-time supporters and are well know to regular members. We'll do our best to get this fledgling entity off the gound and provide pleanty of opportunity and exposure.

Thera are some other deals in the works with big players. If you'd like to have exposure on the site or offer benefits to our 200+ Members you can contact us via email, or apply to become a Select Partner.

I've also had a number of excellent phone conversations with a well know Laser and IPL supplier as well as trade show organizers, large web site networks, and technology companies. I'm hopeful that at least a few of these contacts and discussions will bear fruit and provide additional benefits for members.

Also, I wanted to make sure that Members who have recieved their first free downloads recognize the name Sendside since I'm using that to distribute that information. If you receive and invitation to join Sendside make sure you sign up and get a free account. It's currently the only way we're using to send that info.

Also of note: We're in the early stages of building out a consumer facing sister site to Medical Spa MD that will allow physicians to answer patient questions and provide a number of interesting features around capturing local patients. We'll be disclosing details of this to a number of docs and gathering feedback.