IPL & Cosmetic Laser Rental

IPL or Cosmetic Laser Rentals?

If you're looking to advertise (or find) an IPL rental or cosmetic laser to rent, please post that under the medical spa classifieds rather than just stick them in a comment thread somewhere.

It's becomming popular in some areas to rent a laser or IPL from someone else. (This is the defacto method in Brazil where import taxes make cosmetic laser extremely expensive. Brazilian plastic surgeons and derms schedule all of their patients at a location and they and the patients go there for the treatments.)

Anyway, there have been a number of offers to rent a laser or IPL showing up in diverse threads and forums. I'd appreciate it if you have some sort of offer or need around laser renting, if you'd post that in the med spa classified area. Your laser listing will get more traffic there and won't be disrupting other discussions.

Thank you. The Management.