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Medical Spa MD get's a nice mention in PSP (Plastic Surgery Practice) as the Expert to Expert forum for Physicians. MAPA is also mentioned a number of times.

Frustrated by the lack of attention from many laser systems firms and after getting nowhere with the call center, some physicians have turned to airing their dissatisfaction in online public forums, and by firing off "e-mail carpet bombs" to the top executive management layer of these companies. The Web is filling up with their support horror stories.

One place to witness this in action is at, where expert-to-expert (E2E) discussions offer insight into the high levels of anger and frustration among many physicians who claim they have been left in the dust after they signed the contract to buy or lease a laser system. Names are named. Specific problem areas are cited. Company responses—and lack of response—to complaints are aired in public.

"Direct your anger at the laser companies who do not support the doctors who buy their lasers," writes one impassioned and disgruntled practitioner on Medical Spa MD's Physician Clinical Exchange forum. "By their inaction, and active blocking of 'clinical exchange,' these companies, and specifically their executives, make treatments with their lasers risky and much less effective!"

The issue is complicated by the type of clinical support requested by physicians. For example, some want to know how they can use their laser systems in procedures that would easily be considered off-label by the FDA.

Laser systems firms have to be very careful when addressing these types of support questions. Sometimes, they offer personalized support to their customers. Some firms do not address them at all, and others promote these off-label uses in unofficial and backdoor ways and then publicly refute them.

This sort of problem does not reach a flashpoint in a vacuum. The lack of quality after-sale clinical support from laser systems firms has been one of those issues in the aesthetic industry that few will openly talk about. To be fair, some laser systems vendors offer very good customer support. Others, however, offer levels of mediocrity rather than levels of excellence in this area.... Read the rest of the article.