Smart Lipo ~ Young Medical Spa

Young Medical Spa offers smart lipo in Allentown.

Paula runs Young Medical Spas website marketing, SEO, Twitter and video marketing and she's obvioulsly getting to be pretty good at it since they're booked for smart lipo procedures into mid July.

How? Well, first she understands that it's needed and actually puts time and energy towards it. I'll let her answer but I know that writing for Medical Spa MD has raised her profile more than a little and actually turned into both patients and revenue.

Paula actually did something proactive and contacted Medical Spa MD rather than just sitting back. That lead to Medical Spa MD deciding to publish her upcomoing book on med spas and laser treatments for medical estheticians (coming soon) as well as Paula writing for Medical Spa MD.

The fact that this video is now on Medical Spa MD and in front of our close to 2million page views this year means that the competitors of Young Medical Spa just took a whoopin.

(If you'd like to write for Med Spa MD you can contact us here.)