Medical Spa MD Listed As Top Medical Social Networking Site

Medical Spa MD is at the top of the list of medical social networking sites in the lastest issue of cosmetic surgery times.

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It's nice to see that others are aware of the community here. It opens up a number of interesting opportunities.

We're currently in discussions with multiple compounding pharmacies, laser companies, technology providers, SEO and SEM service providers, and a few other categories sprinkled in.

In the relatively near future (ie when we select a provider and the technology in place) Medical Spa MD members will be able to order Botox or Restylane in bulk, get discounted services from selected provider that sell to med spas and cosmetic practices, and genearlly make bank.

If you're a service or technlogy provider that can provide benefits to Medical Spa MD Members, let us know.

If you haven't joined Medical Spa MD yet? Now's the time.