A Curse On Plastic Surgery & Botox Spam

A curse upon these medical spa and Botox spammers. Perhaps something involving scorpions.

Medical Spa MD got hit overnight with more than the usual amount of spam comments for 'Vacation Retreats', 'Watch the Book of Eli online', 'Plastic Surgery in Orange County' and such. It's really not very difficult to detect and we're pretty good about deleting it as fast as it comes in but it is a pain. Worse for them, it's reported as spam across the internet so that other sites block it automatically.

If you've got any relevant question or comment, please feel free to interact with our community, but to the spammers (especially the one's who post code) a slow and painful death.

P.S. One of the initiatives that Medspa MD is about to launch will be our own White Hat SEO tools and services for plastic surgeons and medial spas. I'm hoping to have it up by the end of the month.