Dysport Reviews

Evidently Dysport is very friendly with some docs. Too friendly for the FDA when it comes to promoting Dysport before it's been approved.

From Pierce Mattie PR:

It appears it is not only bloggers that are feeling the heat from the government in regards to their relationships with the brands they write about, but cosmetic dermatologists as well. Recently the FDA made an example of Dr. Leslie Baumann by sending her a warning when she was sourced for several beauty magazine articles regarding her positive praise of Dysport, the newly approved Botox competitor created by Medicis prior to such approval. The warning appears to have more to do with disclosure than anything else, which, mark my words, will be the buzzword of 2010 due in part to both the FTC and FDA.

Dr. Baumann was given 10 days to "clean up her act;" I wonder how her publicists will handle that.

It is a publicist's job to land their client in A+ publications and in this fierce competitive world of Beauty PR, everyone wants to be first to be sourced for being in the know about the latest and greatest beauty treatment.

However, Dr. Baumann's publicists should've been more careful considering her relationship with Medicis as an "investigator" for Dysport. In all of the articles she was quoted in, not once did she disclose this relationship, but merely indicated her praise that the neurotoxin was more effective than Botox.