Botox Self Injectors & Entitlements

Women are still injecting themselves with fake Botox?

The stupidity of some people continues to astound me. Here's a comment that I received from 'Regina'.

I could rail on this for quite some time but I think that Regina does an excellent job of displaying her ignorance and self-entitlement for cosmetic treatments that she evidently can't afford.... Amazing.

I can no longer afford Botox. I paid $670 for three areas and now I broke the bank,  I have to pay it back with very high interest (23%) .
Do the doctors care about my financial problems?  NO!  In fact, I have never seen a more careless crowd of ignorant  doctors,  when they sell me Botox. Why?  Because they are profiting from Botox and then they date younger women with my money, while I cry myself to sleep without a dollar in my pocket. .
I injected myself with Hyaluronic Acid from Brazil and I am looking just fine and people are impressed with my independence and courage.

Now, I will go ahead and order Botox from China and inject myself. I hope Allergan goes broke and China will win over this greedy world of US doctors. Hopefully, China is going to swamp the market with Botox, inject-able fillers, clothe and  what no all ---and the banks have been bailed  with my money  for nothing,  fatcat bankers putting aside very high amounts of money only to fall very  very low.  Love is all  God's money and that  I have left and I love Botox from China.

- Regina

Regina here doesn't mention it but I'm wondering if she feels that insurance companies should pay for her Botox treatments?

She's certainly a trusting soul since Botox from China is actually not 'Botox' at all. I can't imagine what the though process is for someone who will squirt who-knows-what into their own face.