Gift Certificates That Work For Medical Spas

Year end gift certificates and postcards are where some medical spas are making 40% of their yearly sales.

Gift Certificates For Medical Spas

It's a well known fact that, at least for 'day spas', December is a time of plenty where gift certificates pile in daily and generate terrific end-of-year income. (One of my friends that ran a 50 employee day spa would generate an additional $250+ in revenue in the run up before Christmas.)

The challenge is often how you decide how you handle this pre-selling since you're now going to have to deliver all of those services over the next few months. (Jaunary is often spartan in income since all of your treatment rooms are filled delivering services that you've already recieved payment for.)

I'm wondering if anyone has thoughs on how to manage this effect?

One of the things that I've thought of offering but never really tried is an additional stipulation/option that gives someone an incentive—perhaps a slight discount—for postponing a redempton of the gift certificates. I was thinking of offering an additional 5-10% increase in the value of the gift certificate if it was redeemed after March or May.