American Laser Clinics Trouble In Iowa

Armed guard protects ALC patients from the supervising physician who is supposedly overseeing their treatment.

American Laser Clinics operations are stopped by a medical board yet again.

This reminds me of the armed guard that American Laser Clinics stationed in the laser clinic to prevent the supervising physician from seeing patients... while they treated those very same patients under his 'medical direction'.

According to the Quad City Times:

A doctor who led a medical spa in Bettendorf has been sanctioned by the Iowa Board of Medicine.

Anthony O. Colby, of Iowa City, was the medical director and/or supervision physician at American Laser Center in Bettendorf, Coralville and West Des Moines, documents from the board said. The Bettendorf location is at 852 Middle Road.

The center’s West Des Moines office was also issued a cease-and-desist order by the board, saying that the center must stop “the unlawful practice of medicine in Iowa,” records indicate. The board says a person at that office performed medical services without proper physician oversight.

A spokesperson for American Laser Center, a chain with 225 clinics nationwide, could not be reached for comment. Colby could not be reached for comment, either.

According to board documents, Colby has insufficient training or experience to supervise individuals performing medical aesthetic services in Iowa. The board also alleged that Colby failed to properly supervise those who performed such services.

Specifically, at least one patient suffered serious burns on her arms after receiving treatment for hyper-pigmentation on her face and arms by a person under Colby’s supervision.

The board ordered that Colby not serve as the medical director for a medical spa that offers specific types of services or supervise anyone who performs those services.

He was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and warned that any more violations could result in further disciplinary action.

As for American Laser Center in West Des Moines, the board determined that non-physicians were performing examinations, diagnosing medical conditions, offering treatment recommendations and performed medical procedures, including the use of lasers for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation and cellulite removal.