Care Credit Tightening Their Belt

Well, here we go again! Care Credit is trimming the fat again cutting available financing funds to anyone who is not a dermatologist or plastic surgeon (when it comes to non-dental aesthetic procedures). First they limited non-core physicians who didn't meet certain practice criteria, now this!

Awhile back I posted on Care Credit and a follow up post on the difficulties we have been experiencing when trying to obtain financing for our patients. A good friend and colleague, Dr. Alex Covey tipped me off with an email that he received a letter limiting available funds to only $3,000. Your patient can be approved for $8,000, but can only spend $3,000 of it at your practice. This is totally not conducive to a practice such as ours when 80-90% of what we do is laser lipo, ultrasound lipo or water-jet lipo. Sure enough, we received the letter (note both of our practices are owned and operated by internists performing 100% aesthetic procedures, 100% of the time, and on-site 100% of the time).

The only way we can be reinstated is if our physician becomes a Fellow of an organization who, unfortunately, will not accept an Internist as a Fellow to begin with.

After arguing and pleading our case extensively with the folks at Care Credit, their criteria is set in stone always quoting their higher up corporate folks as the culprits. Perhaps their decision makers are in bed with RealSelf (sorry, I still hold a grudge there too)? Regardless, it's hugely discriminatory and insulting.

Not that we're not used to blows like this in our highly competitive industry, but it just gets exhausting to have to keep dodging roadblocks that are continually put in our way for absolutely no valid reason whatsoever.

So, anyone know a good finance company that's "color blind"?