Medical Spa MD: Appologies for the occasional, accidental comment deletion.

I've got an appology to make.

To whom, I'm not sure.

Since we focus on cosmetic medicine and discuss everything from IPL & cosmetic laser reviews, Botox and filler injections, internet marketing for medical spas and everything that goes along with that, Medical Spa MD is under constant attack from spammers.

The spam comments are left every day and every day a member of our team goes through and tries to clean them out. We have a very sophisticated site so we can bring up all of the last comments that are left and look at them in one place as a simple list rather than scrounge around the site. Of course with tens of thousands of comments it's not really possible to go through and find or ensure every one but there are some 'filters' that we can apply to bring up a list of likely spam comments.

Today it was my turn. Unfortuanately... as I clicked 'delete and report as spam', I noticed that at least one of the comments was probably not spam at all. It appeared that  it was a legitimate comment from a well intentioned plastic surgeon, possibly a first time commenter who'd overcome natural reticence and was asking a question of the community here.

Of course I only recognized this just as I consigned that comment along with the rest, to the ignominious death of the spam pile and once that's done, it's done.

So, I wanted to voice my apologies to the physician who left that comment, whoever you are.

I'm sorry. I get a 'fail' for that one.

I'll try not to make that mistake again.

We make every attempt to keep our forums clean of spam and imposters (Yes, we can identify them too in many cases). So please don't take my accidental deletion of your comment as anything other than what it was, my overly quick mouse and slightly too slow reflexes.

Our coummunity is our greatest asset. With more than 5000 physicians around the globe who are Members it's an attractive target for the nare-do-wells of the world. If you're a medical provider any where in the world and you've got a question about the Sciton BBL, Fraxel and Thermage settings and results, know what other physicians are saying about Restylane SubQ, or you want to interact with other Members or form a cosmetic laser user group, this is absolutely the best place on the web.

So, I make no apologies for making every effort to protect it... except in this case.