Medical Spa MD: Botox & Laser Clinic Spam Comments

If you're Medical Spa MD Member you'll probably already know we have a hoard of spammers who regularly target the site with garbage comments about fake Botox, discount purses or skincare, laser hair removal and the rest.

Paula says it clearly:

When I first joined Medical Spa MD, I signed up to have recent posts sent to my email account so I wouldn't miss important clinical discussions. There is SO much spam now (i.e., Jaquily and others) on a daily basis that I have to unsubscribe from the feeds. Can you please find some way for this to stop so I can once again enjoy the discussions?

Belive me, I feel your pain. The spam is something that I have to deal with every day.

So, effecive immediately, we're going to run a test to see if we can keep a lid on the fake Botox comments. All comments will have to be approved by a Medical Spa MD editor or myself before they go live. I don't expect to be able to stop all spammers but perhaps we can make a dent by trying to catch those that are clearly just posting spam.

Medical Spa MD Member comments will not have to be approved before being published so you can just login to your account to aviod the wait.

Note: Comments will only be rejected for violating our terms of use. We will not be verifying anything about the truth or accuracy of a comment or claim.