The Medical Spa MD Micro-loan Fund

Join Medical Spa MD and our Members to do some good around the world.

If you've never heard of Kiva, it's a micro-lending organization that provides working capital in amounts as small as $25 or $100 to entrepreneurs in third world countries.

My daughter has had a tiny, $100 'micro-lending' fund that we started when she was ten. So far, that single $100 investment has helped 24 small businesses around the world. (It's a loan so they pay it back and it can be re-lent to others.)

We've been doing this for a few years as a family and it's been a real learning experience for my daughter. After all, this is real money and these are real people. If you lend to one person, it means that you're not lending to another. Who is more deserving? Who's riskier? We've had some very deep discussions and it's been great.

Which brings me to the Medical Spa MD Micro-lending Team.

I want to recruit you to join the Medical Spa MD Micro-lending Team on Kiva.

Kiva is a non-profit website that allows you to lend as little as $25 to a specific low-income entrepreneur across the globe. You choose who to lend to - whether a baker in Afghanistan, a goat herder in Uganda, a farmer in Peru, a restaurateur in Cambodia, or a tailor in Iraq - and as they repay the loan, you get your money back.

If you join Medspa MD's team, we can work together to alleviate poverty. Once you're a part of the team, you can choose to have a future loan on Kiva "count" towards our team's impact. The loan is still yours, and repayments still come to you - but you can also choose to have the loan show up in our team's collective portfolio, so our team's overall impact will grow!

If you're part of a medical spa, laser clinic, plastic surgery center or dermatologists office and you're willing to put in $100 or more to Kiva loans and join our lending team, I'll publish your clinic or medspa on a special page that I'll build (Hey, I just thought of this. It's not done yet.) and give you a badge to display on your website. You'll also be doing some good in the world.

Please take a look at Kiva. It's a fantastically run organization. I've been lending through them for the last six years and I have never had a momemets regret. It's easily the best $100 that I every put to use.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments. (As soon as we have a couple of members I'll build a lenders page that will link directly to supporting clinics and sites.)

Create an account and join the Medical Spa MD Lending Team!