Zinc & Phytase As Botox Supplements?

In one of the emails I received today I was asked about an article in which Dr. Charles Soparkar claims that using Zinc and Phytase as Botox 'suppliments' increase how long Botox treaments last.

Evidently, Dr. Soparkars findings shows this combination improves the results of Botox injections when taken four days before treatment.

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Charles Soparkar found that 41 of the 44 patients to whom he gave the zinc and phytase pairing displayed a better outcome. This was especially noticeable in those suffering from blepharospasm, a form of eyelid twitching.

As a result of his findings, Dr. Soparkar plans to market a dietary supplement combining the element and enzyme, which will be called Zytaze.

"Surprisingly, the results showed that in over ninety percent of the patients studied, the zinc/phytase combination resulted in a remarkable improved responsiveness ... using the same amount of botulinum toxin as previously used," Dr. Soparkar explained. "The toxins seemed to have greater effect and last longer. Potentially, this could mean using less toxin, offering patients financial savings, greater safety, and more consistent results."

Always makes me a little leary when a new study gives someone the idea to create a product offering exactly what the study promotes.

Has anyone else heard of this? Anyone already promoting this for their Botox treatments?