The Medical Fusion Conference. A New Select Partner.

A new Select Partner has joined Medical Spa MD, the Medical Fusion Conference.

The Medical Fusion Conference is something of an anomaly in the medical conference circut. It's a conference built around providing physicians additional or tangential sources of income in addition to their regular clinical practice, and it's a damn good idea.

The Medical Fusion Conference offers something that's sorely lacking among the conglomeration of clinical shows and expos, a 'horizontal' approch to how physicians can direct their careers along a path of their own choosing. Truth be told, a great number (perhaps the greatest number) of physicians who enter cosmetic medicine or open a laser clinic or medical spa are doing so in order to have more control over their practice, their income, and their life. The Medical Fusion Conference is designed with exactly that goal in mind.

At this coming conference on November 5th to the 7th there will be physicians who have successfully made career choices that have allowed them to escape the grind an hours of traditional clinical practice and have forged their paths that 'leveraged their medical training'. They're film makers, authors, consultants, marketers, and entrepreneurs that have freed up their time and lifestyle to be able to make choices that most physicians can only dream of. The conference brings them all to together in a way that allows other physicians to learn how to replicate their success.

You might not want to be a physician author, consultant, or film maker, or run a concierce practice while consulting for pharmaceutical companies... but the same thinking and skill sets that these physicians have that allowed them to chart their own career path are perfectly applicable to you if you're a physician who wants more control of your practice and your life. Why? Because while the big conferences and expos are really marketing and advertising floor shows that are paid for by vendors, this conference is designed to give you information and skills that you can put to practical use.

Best of all, the conference is still small and intimate enough that you'll have access to every speaker. That's something that you'll never get at the monster expos and conferences. Faculty who are true experts in their fields are being brought in to discuss their careers and developing trends in medicine.  Each day is designed to maximize learning and face time with faculty members including the scheduling of two "meet the faculty" sessions that allow sit down time between participants and the Medical Fusion speakers.

I just got off of the phone with the founder of the conference, Gregory H. Bledsoe, MD, MPH who is also the CEO of ExpedMed and Chief Editor of Expedition & Wilderness Medicine and I was more than just a little impressed. This conference is quite obviously something special and deserves your support.

If you're looking to give yourself some new tools in your career, this is the place to be.

Confirmed faculty for the Medical Fusion Conference include:

  • Gregory Bledsoe, MD, MPH, CEO of ExpedMed and Chief Editor of the textbook Expedition & Wilderness Medicine.
  • Natalie Hodge, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Health Officer of Personal Medicine
  • Elliot Justin, MD, Founder of telemedicine group SwiftMD and CEO of Pegasus Emergency Group.
  • John LaPuma, MD, New York Times best-selling author and founder of ChefMD.
  • Steven Knope, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare.
  • Setu Mazumdar, MD, Founder and President, Lotus Wealth Solutions.
  • Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, Professor of Otolarynogology, Dentistry, & Engineering, University of Colorado and Founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.
  • Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, Executive VP and CMO of MediMedia.
  • Jeffrey Segal, MD, JD,  Founder and CEO of Medical Justice.
  • Gary Taff, MD, entrepreneur and real estate investor
  • Mike Woo-Ming, MD, MPH, entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant.