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The FREE Medical Spa MD Physician Report is now available. Whew.


Our entire report team has been busting their ass collecting answers from physicians and clinics for the last month and compiling them into the only report of it's kind that deep-dives into aesthetic medicine and gives you information you can't find anywhere else. (Thank you Dar, Apple, Marco, and Laurie!)

We've taken on a herculean task in compiling this report and we're pretty happy with the result.

The Medical Spa MD Physician Report researches and tracks all aspects of what's working in cosmetic medicine (and what's not), not only in the U.S. and Canada but across the world.

These reports are published to give our entire physician and clinician community access to the information, statistics, and inspiration to improve their medical (and business) results.

Do you want to know how other clinics are choosing technology, attracting new patients, marketing to their existing clients and compensating their staff? Would you like to discover what's the most effective uses for that new fractional laser, or what other clinicians think of it? Could you use more info about how successful medical spas are expanding their business, saving money, or deciding on what new treatments to add or get rid of?

Answer yes to any of the above you will love, love, love this new report.

Download the report here.



The Medical Spa MD Physician Report

With the power and knowledge of our growing membership, our goal is to bring together all the valuable information, successes and failures; giving you an insider’s point-of-view to improve your business and your bottom line. Which products sell best? Which treatments are most profitable? Which equipment manufacturers are recommended and which are not? Our reports deep-dive into the various areas, such as “Growing your business”, “Advertising and marketing”, and “Staffing and training”.

The reports generally include a survey of cosmetic clinics around the world, an interview or case study, and an area for sponsors or select partners who wish to get in front of our Members and readers with their products and services. To begin, we reached out to not only our member base, but also other prominent doctors in our field. The response was overwhelming. About 80% of our respondents practice in the US, but the other 20% come from all over the world, including South America, Europe, the Middle East and Russia. About 92% are physicians, with the other 8% working as RNs or PAs in cosmetic clinics and medical spas.

Another way to contribute to our Physicians’ Report is to participate in our monthly interview. We choose and office or medical spa each month to get their unique perspective on running their business. The interviews add insight into working medical spas and cosmetic practices, what works, what doesn’t work, successes, failures and anything else you want to share with your peers.

A special thanks to our growing group of physicians and clinics for participating in this month's report. If you would like to join our panel, please sign up to contribute to the next report here. The more participation we get, the greater the value for the group. (Sign up to contribute to the next report here.)

Do you have a suggestion to improve our services or an idea for as research project you think we should be doing? Would you like to be interviewed, or sponsor a report? Please contact us.


Medical Spa MD Report

Founder, Medical Spa MD

P.S. Please feel free to distribute, email, link to, tweet, post or send this report to anyone who may be interested as long as you do not modify or change the report in any way.


Contributing Physicians & Clinics

The following is a partial list of the physicians and clinics that contributed to this report and gave us permission to identify and link to them. Sign up to contribute to the next report here.

Note: We do not identify individual physicians or clinics with specific answers to make sure that all respondents can be completely candid in their answers. (Our surveys are done through our online software and provide confidentiality and anonymity and they take about 10 minutes to complete.)

Our contributing physician list is growing fast. Thank you to the physicians and clinics who have contributed to this report.