Medical Spa Design: Skinklinic From NYC

I always liked the very clean & minimal look of Skinklinic, a (closed) medical spa & skin clinic in NYC.

I never got a chance to make it in to Skinklinic but I always liked the very clean lines and design.

From what I remember, Skinklinic overreached and expanded to a couple of locations that they couldn't support and ended up closing down. (Sleek Medspas have their domain now and I'm guessing that they purchased that in order to get some traffic. I don't think that Sleek medspas have anything to do with Skinklinic. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.)

The startup and build out for this kind of skin clinic are out of the reach for most locations and physicians but it's always both interesting and informative to see where others have gone.

Skinklinic Description

Don’t let the quaint fountain in front fool you. Behind Skinklinic’s soothing lilac walls are some of the most advanced skin treatments available today. Besides glycolic facials, beta peels, and microdermabrasion scrubs, the clinic has four different injections for wrinkle removal, as well as something called Mandelic Essential, which treats sensitive and hyper-pigmented skin tones. If that’s not enough, the expansive center—founded in 2001 by skincare expert Kathy Dwyer to focus on anti-aging solutions—uses lasers for acne removal and Spot Zapping to erase sun damage.

Before each procedure, clients consult with the Skinklinic staff—dermatologists, registered nurses, and doctor’s assistants—to assess problems, concerns, and realistic expectations; you can also get a Skinscan, a super close-up series of six photographs that chart your skin’s issues.

Next it’s onto a very mod treatment room, with light purple walls, sound-absorbing carpet, and a foamy white chair. Facials are tailored to focus on your skin issues, but this isn’t a place that pampers: there’s no massage, soothing candle scent, or Enya in the background.

After skin gets injected, extracted, or gently peeled, a maintenance program that includes recommendations from the spa’s product line is assigned by the esthetician; in keeping with the stylish but sterile vibe, the list is dubbed a Skinscription.