Abstraction Is The Kiss Of Death When You Want Someone To Buy

The money in any medical spa or cosmetic practice is made in the consultation room.

There are lots of physicians I know who speak in the abstract.. and abstraction is the kiss of death when you need someone to take an action.

To be quickly understood and remembered, your content must be about real people, objects and events.

For example, proverbs last thousands of years, cross language barriers and the best use real (concrete) things to explain abstract ideas. “A leopard cannot change its spots” can be pictured, easily understood and remembered. “People’s innate nature doesn’t change” requires the reader to understand what “innate” and “nature” mean and there is nothing to picture.

Abstract language is the enemy of clear communication, and you don't want a patient in the consultation room wondering what you're talking about. If a patient doesn’t already understand your abstract idea then it takes them time to follow explanations that are usually ambiguous. With the amount of effort required they would struggle to remember it and have difficulty explaining it to anyone else, and your referrals (and sales) will suffer.

As you are working through your consultation, how much more do the examples “stick” when there are stories about other patients that are shared? They bring the concept to life and make it concrete. The same will be for any concept that you convey to your patients or clients.  Share the stories and testimonials of real people and events that will not just talk about your product or service…but will bring it to life... and that creates sales.