Dr. Ram K. Reddy: Yuva Medical Spa In Athens, Georgia

Name: Ram K. Reddy, MD
Clinic: Yuva Medical Spa
Location: Athens, GA
Website: yuvamedicalspa.com

That’s interesting: Dr. Reddy specializes in the field of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and also focuses on diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and preventive medicine. He was awarded the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research Award by the Georgia Diabetes Coalition and holds an honorary position as Associate Professor at Mercer Medical School.  

How did you decide to pursue cosmetic medicine?

My training is in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Practicing over the span of 26 years, I noticed my patients were getting older and I was not getting any younger either. My patients were acquiring additional interest in trying to stay healthy and keeping their youthful appearance. This made me start investigating this area of medicine.  I found it very fascinating as it is a very creative and “beautiful” expression of my skills, aptitude and my personal desire to reach out and help my patients.  This is what got me started and has kept me going since then. 

What’s the goal of your clinic? 

In ancient Sanskrit Language, “Yuva” means fountain of youth so all our efforts are geared toward making our clients look younger and feel healthier.  At Yuva, we combine the serene tranquility and ambiance of a spa, with products and services that meet medical standards.  As a Medical Director I, along with the Spa Director provide the guidance, but routine and promotional functions are run by the Spa Manager.  We are a unique Med-Spa in Athens, Georgia market.  Our luxurious 1200 sp foot space is blessed with 1500+ clients.  It is serviced by our very capable aesthetician team that is able to take care of most of our simpler treatments.

What are the qualities you’re looking for before adding a medspa staff in your clinic?

Attitude, attitude, and attitude is more important than their experience or their knowledge.  You can train and teach but it is very hard to change hard-core attitude or general personality so it is more important to look for these.  People who are energetic and have a positive attitude are who we want to look for.

What IPL or laser technologies have you made available for your patients?

We have Fraxel Re:Store for skin resurfacing, Lipotherme for laser assisted lipo, Smooth Shapes for cellulite reduction, Zerona for body slimming and Cynosure Elite for laser hair removal, vascular lesions and pigmented lesions.

What’s your marketing plan?

Yuva Medical Spa is still Athens best kept secret!  Whispers are spreading through word of mouth from our existing clients.  We have tried different marketing tools and found success with radio and print advertisement.  We tried Deal of the Day, Groupon type marketing, but are not sold on it.  Social media like Facebook has been helpful.  This year we will focus a little bit more on web based marketing.  We have unique, value-added services to offer and we make every effort to showcase it to the community so people take advantage of it.  It has been slow but it is steadily catching on.


What treatments or services rack up big profits?

Laser hair removal, Fraxel and Lipotherme are the most profitable treatments.  We are thinking of adding Fat Transfer technology and possibly a hair transplantation device such as NeoGraft.  

Dr. Ram K. Reddy Yuva Medical Spa Athens, Georgia

What’s your tip to attaining customer satisfaction?

Knowing and understanding your patient’s expectations is key.  Better to under promise and over deliver.

What advice can you give to physicians who want to add a medical spa into their practice?

Aesthetic practice for non-plastic surgeons is an added bonus.  As physicians we love taking care of our patient’s health problem and treating sick patients.  It’s a nice change of pace to treat healthy clients and visually see immediate results.  Smiles on client’s faces are very rewarding too.  

Brief Bio: With over 26 years in practice, Dr. Ram Reddy has expanded his services and locations to accommodate the growing needs of the community to include Reddy & Associates, LLC dba Reddy Medical Group, Reddy Urgent Care and Yuva Medical spa with locations in Athens, Royston, and Danielsville, Georgia.  

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