What's Your Gimmick Doctor?

Anyone running a private practice in plastic surgery now should be quick to realize that the media can be a powerful resource. 

The sad fact is that the public does not know of your talents unless you let them know about them. My father's long held statement that "the cream floats to the top" is naïve to say the least. People do not know the best. They only know the doctors of whom they have heard. They just assume that they are the best. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they aren't.

Early in my interactions with the media, it was apparent that they prefer to feature "breaking news items." Their definition of breaking news is something new and different.  Most of us in medicine know that these "breaking news items" we see tend to more often be not-so-new news. Some are factually incorrect. You may also add unadulterated bull pucky. Breaking this news to your friends in the media will get you rarely featured unfortunately.  They want what they want.

When dealing with the media, they in essence want to know "what's your gimmick?' They want a pitch. They want a story. Those who are more successful with them give them what they want. I give them the truth branded somewhat with my opinion. So I have made the truth my gimmick. It may not be so frequently successful, but I sleep well at night.