Medical Spa Embezzlement & Employee Theft Scams Report

Download the new, free report for Members: Medical Spa Embezzlement & Employee Theft Scams... Reading it could save your clinic.

It's the guide to beating embezzlement and employee theft schemes in your cosmetic practice or medical spa.

Taking cash payments in the treatment room, stealing Botox and fillers to inject their own patients, ordering fraud, trading extra services for large tips, or stealing your client database to sell or use... In a recent study, more than 82% of medical clinics reported experience with employee theft or embezzlement... that they were aware of. This new 40 page guide to beating embezzlement and employee theft schemes uncovers the hidden tactics behind how these scams work, and how you can find them before they capsize your business.

Embezzlement and employee theft are an unfortunate fact in almost every business, and especially in cosmetic medical practices. If you haven’t ever had to deal with this you’re extremely lucky since it has taken place in every clinic I’ve been personally involved with and the stories that are told by physicians and business owners are legion. If you think it can’t happen in your clinic you’re just whistling past the graveyard. It can. Don’t prepare yourself and it will.

This report is designed to give you a fighting chance to identify how your business is at risk, to understand how these schemes work, and what you can do to minimize your risk and take action when you find a problem.

Here's some of what those who have already read this report are saying:

Great report! It should be required reading for all doctors — even for those of us who've been around!
Marguerite Barnett MD FACS PA, Mandala Medspa
A very eye-opening and sobering report. This is a must read for everyone!
Windie Hayano, The Skin Inc. Dermatology and Laser Center
Opened my eyes! The information in this report is invaluable! I hadn't even thought of some of the scams mentioned in these testimonials!
Lori Robertson FNP, Skin Perfect Medical Rancho
Great! ...after reading others experiences I realize that you just cannot be too careful when it comes to the financial security of your business.
This report will help other centers avoid going through what we had to endure and overcome.
Brian Sidella, Founder, Forever Young Medspa

You’re about to read the many stories that have been collected from clinics and physicians; from how a physician-employee put an extra account on a credit card terminal to deposit payments into his own checking account to how a NP would inject patients with straight saline and steal the Botox to use in her own side business... and a host of others... ordering fraud, trading extra services for large tips, or stealing your client database to sell or use, setting up false bank accounts, switching acocunts on the credit card reader... all of these scams are covered through real life accounts from the physicians and clinic owners who experienced them.

Some of the stories are almost beyond belief in their brazenness and the damage that was caused. In almost every case, the employee was a trusted team member. Do yourself, your family, and your business a favor and read this report. No matter what your experience has been, you're going to learn something important.

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