Yep, There's An App For That

Allergan Botox App iPadBotox marketing via the iPad?

Allergan has just released an app that markets Botox directly ot patients with an app that digitally modifies what they will look like after Botox. (Who knows if it actually works at all.)

It’s pretty simple. You can either upload your photo to the iVisualizer Tool on the Botox site, or you can use the free iPad app, and watch the results emerge. Voila, a wrinkle-free face.

Those of you who are familiar with photo retouching programs, like photoshop, can see that the “after” effect is pretty much just a bit of softening and blur where the facial lines were, but, perhaps it does give patients a better idea of where the wrinkles will be diminished. 

I'm guessing that you'd have to be a pretty hard core Botox researcher to download an app just to blur your face so I'm guessing that the real driver of apps like this is to extend Allergan's marketing reach to physicians and give the sales reps someting to trot out when they visit your office to show you how much traffic Botox is driving to your clinic. That, and keeping Botox's copetitors (Myosport, Xeomin) chasing them.

Anyone have thoughts on how well this really works?