The Power Of The Botox Birthday Coupon

For the past 5 years, our plastic surgery office has been offering patients birthday coupons worth $50 off their Botox injections.  

I've been impressed with the power of this Birthday Coupon. Basically this is a letter sent out via a group email with birthdays identified one month at a time. Our EMR is able to identify birthdays which are coming up. Of course we take advantage of the blind cc: email function soin order to protect patient privacy. We also let our patients use it for fillers instead of Botox, and because all patients are getting this email who have a birthday coming up, some patients aren't appropriate for Botox or fillers, and thus we allow them to pass it along as a "regift."

It brings back patients whom I haven't seen in while.  It also brings back patients who have wandered off to other Botox places.  I've also seen new patients who have never received Botox before because they got a the coupon tactfully passed along from one of our existing patients.  And best outcome is when a patient is converted over from an unrelated plastic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck (already happy and familiar with our office), and now he or she is armed with coupon in hand ready to try Botox!  And in general, our patients seem very grateful for the gift - especially the ones who have already used our services every 3-5 months.  Another benefit of the Birthday Letter is that it makes patients eager to give us their email addresses to stay in touch.

For our office, it's Botox that we use, but I think this concept could be converted to another product or service which helps patients look younger.

The Birthday, itself, of course is a great event, however it does remind all of us that we are getting older, and getting Botox is one of the ways to help us age more gracefully.  I think using a cosmetic injection coupon is a great marketing tool and I've seen a good return on the investment for our own plastic surgical practice.  Best of all, patients seem to really like it and it is a "win-win."