Michael M. Dao MD, Founder of Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics

Dr. Michael M. Dao, Founder of Leur Lab

In Newport Beach, Leur Lab’s sleek hardwood floors, modern fireplaces and shimmering chandeliers feel more like a metropolitan hotel lobby than a traditional cosmetic clinic.

Leur Lab Integrated AestheticsName: Dr. Michael Dao
Clinic: Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Website: LeurLab.com

Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics is designed to discover the aesthetic concerns of each individual client, in order to create a custom tailored treatment program that specifically targets the client’s concerns. Leur Lab also seeks to educate each patient on the importance of preventative maintenance which is instrumental in helping slow the aging process.

How much of your marketing efforts are now online?

We have certainly incorporated online marketing efforts into our overall brand marketing strategy, creating a well rounded, multi-faceted program. Today’s consumer is looking to associate themselves with brands that fit seamlessly into their lifestyle, and is drawn to those brands that offer heightened accessibility along with affordable pricing. We have found that our overall strategy has been very successful in reaching our target audience.

Dr. Michael M. Dao, Newport Beach, California Cosmetic Physician

You’re using a number of laser and aesthetic devices in your clinic. How did you decide on these technologies and what did you compare it with? 

Our team specializes in leading-edge procedures such as the Vampire Facelift along with other designer treatments and combination therapies. I am constantly researching and vetting the latest, innovative laser and aesthetic device technologies to determine whether or not they are a fit for the Leur Lab practice. Our goal is to provide patients with the most advanced, non-surgical treatments available along with unprecedented access to the latest innovative technologies such as the Tri-Beam Laser. In fact, Leur Lab was the first aesthetic facility within the United States to offer this laser among its already diverse laser collection.

You have a patent pending L-Fix membership program. Can you tell us more about this?

The patent pending L-Fix membership program allows clients to maximize their time while progressively attaining their desired aesthetic result. Each client gets to select one monthly treatment from their chosen tier of the membership while also being able to enjoy discounted rates on other procedures outside the membership and other perks such as priority booking and special event invitations. This innovative approach to laser therapy brings the most efficacious personalized laser treatments to clients monthly, making them more accessible and affordable than ever before. Each client is able to customize their selected procedures. This approach to aesthetic maintenance ensures proper measures are taken to treat, prevent and maintain a youthful appearance while improving skin’s condition on a monthly basis with a tailored skin care regimen.

Michael M. Dao Leur Lab Aesthetic Physician

Why did you develop this?

L-Fix was designed to provide our clients monthly access to some of the best proven lasers on the market.

I have found that clients crave the personal attention this membership provides, which allows for regular monitoring of each client’s skin health. This  membership addresses skin care needs and aesthetic rejuvenation through prevention, monthly treatments, and regular protocols- this comprehensive approach was largely lacking in the market.

Offering customized packages in several tiers, which are determined by the lasers selected for incorporation into each client’s program.

Are there any treatments or technologies that you're especially excited about that haven't hit the market yet? What do you think about new therapies (like stem cells or others) that are being developed?

As a physician, I am always seeking the latest advancements in modern technology. My practice is one of innovation, and my passion is to share my knowledge and talent with others. Being able to shape the future of the aesthetics industry is a true privilege and I am honored to be able to share my commitment to helping others look and feel their best. Currently, I am working to refine the art of harvesting “Stem Cells” derived from fat, utilized in fat transfers. I truly believe this highly advanced technology will pave the way for the next generation of aesthetics.

Dr. Michael M. Dao California Cosmetic Physician

Do you think Vampire facelift/Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) have a real valid role in rejuvenation and cosmetic medicine?  

It is important to understand that there is a distinct difference between PRP and the Vampire Facelift. The Vampire Facelift integrates filler with PRP to achieve drastically improved skin tone, texture and clarity for an amplified effect. PRP is a multifaceted tool that can be combined with other treatments to both amplify results and aid in the healing process. The regenerative properties of PRP have been proven to be extremely effective which is why I'm developing combination therapies that incorporate PRP. There is certainly a place for both PRP and designer treatments like the Vampire Facelift in today’s modern world of cosmetic medicine.

Where do you see the most competition from other physicians in your area? 

Locations like Newport Beach and Beverly Hills have significant competition in the aesthetics field. In fact, Newport Beach was specifically chosen as our flagship location in order to offer a comprehensive, non-surgical facility as an alternative destination for those seeking aesthetic refinement. By creating a hybrid between a traditional surgeon’s office and a dayspa/medspa, we have now given patients to the most effective treatments on the market today with minimal, if any, down time. Also, with the introduction of memberships, patients can treat, maintain and prevent the signs of aging through regular, custom tailored treatments.

Over the years I have determined that access and affordability are the two secret ingredients to creating a successful practice.

Newport Beach, CA Leur Lab Integrated Aesthetics Dr. Michael M. Dao

What's the best business advice you've ever received?

There is no substitute for hard work. Combine creativity with innovation and don’t be afraid to lead.

What's the best advice you've ever received as a physician?

Always put your patients first. Their safety and care should always be your number one priority.

About: Founded by renowned aesthetic expert Michael M. Dao M.D., Leur Lab was created to offer an alternative destination for aesthetics and anti-aging solutions. Beginning his journey in internal medicine, Dr. Dao began to recognize the link between inner & outer beauty. Acknowledging that aesthetic enhancements are elective procedures patients seek out to feel better about themselves, Dr. Dao was disappointed by the limited availability of modern technology. While surgical options are still the choice of some, more and more patients are looking for non - invasive procedures that offer minimal down time if any at all coupled with a reduced pain factor. The time compressed lives of today’s consumer have made it challenging for many patients to find the time to be away from work, family, and their daily routine in order to achieve the aesthetic refinements that they desire. Now, the game changing advancements in cosmetic medicine provide the same results, if not better, than traditional surgical procedures but no longer require the extensive downtime or complications associated with surgery. Today, Leur Lab is able to provide patients with the comprehensive solutions needed to achieve their desired look while being more convenient, accessible, and financially achievable than ever before. Earning his medical degree from The American University of the Caribbean, School of Medicine, and completing his residency at the University of Southern California, Dr. Dao has been a guest speaker for many distinguished pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer,Merck, and Astra Zeneca in addition to being certified in the use of Botox, fillers and many cutting edge lasers. Widely recognized in the Asian community as a leading expert in his field, Dr. Dao is also certified by the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

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