Inbound Marketing For Aesthetic Clinic

There are three things that all doctors running cosmetic clinics want to know; which technology to buy, how to effectively manage staff, and how to get more patients.

If you're looking at the latter, getting more patients, you'll need a decently comprehensive understanding of what your needs and options are. Here's a very good graphic in a recent post from Rand Fishkin  the effectivley shows the split between what's become know as 'interruption' marketing (really more along the lines of advertising), and inbound marketing.

All of the stuff on the left is where you'll find the advertisers who are constantly dropping by your clinic to  "help you grow your business". I'm not a fan for the most part since; once you stop paying the spout is turned off, you can blow through a lot o money to little effect, bigger budgets win.

I tend to stick to the right where; it's never turned off, it's more effective when done well, and it grows organically. 

To be sure, it's a lot more work on the right. You have to actually do things that provide value and that's not easy, but if you do it effectively, there's nothing better.