More Army Recruits to Seek Laser Tattoo Removal

Tougher standards for tattoos in the Army.

Those of you who perform laser tattoo removal will want to be aware of recent changes to tattoo restrictions in the Department of the Army.

Eminent changes to AR 670-1 will now PROHIBIT TATTOOS:

  • Below the elbow
  • Below the knee
  • Above uniform neckline

The uniform neckline is Class A but also includes the physical fitness uniform.  The physical fitness uniform is being interpreted as the V-neck cut T-shirt.  I have seen 3 disqualified recruits in the past 2 weeks seeking partial removal of tattoo ink showing in the mid upper chest at the sternal notch.

I maintain a relationship with all my neighboring recruitment centers of all branches offering a discount for laser tattoo removal necessary a s a result of disqualification.