"Botched" The Show On E Where Body Dysmorphic Disorder & Plastic Surgery Horror Becomes Entertainment.

Proving again that plastic surgery shows are really just another slow motion train wreck, E! launches "Botched" and proves that there's plenty of money to be made from BDD. 

Botched, which finds plastic surgery horror pateints who can only be described as 'weird', has got to be in or a short run.

Here's some of an article from Allure:

Botched is a show about fixing surgeries that have gone wrong, but the patients with warped noses, "uniboobs," bad butt implants, and body dysmorphic disorder are just featured players. The stars are the doctors, who dare to repair surgical disasters, which, if they do say so themselves, are 12s on a scale of 10 in difficulty. “This is a hero show,” says Dubrow in a video promo. If the patients don’t know what a good job the doctors have done, the docs are quick to exclaim at unveilings, “You look fantastic!”

...Dubrow and Nassif believe Botched is educating the public on the importance of researching doctors’ credentials. But the show’s real accomplishment is having incorporated all five of the recurring themes in plastic-surgery shows, as defined by Kathy Davis, a medical sociologist at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands: Before and afters, happy stories, sad stories, weird requests, and celebrities (if Janice Dickinson still counts). That's entertainment.

I've heard patients ask about shows like the Swan and even Nip/Tuck but it will be interesting to see where that goes with a show that focus's on the gross out factor and horror stories that botched details.