Limiting Options Can Boost Your Medical Spas Sales

When you're trying to be everything to every one, too many options will actually cost you.

We make choices daily, may it be major or minor. We desire choices which we can differentiate and evaluate. But presenting individuals an abundance of choices do not necessarily equate to happier consumers. Consequentially, if you happen to be providing your medical spas clients or patients with too much choices, it will almost always hurt your conversion rates.

Choices have repercussions on the brain. As a matter of fact, some studies revealed that having to come up with a lot of decisions can leave people exhausted, mentally drained and more dissatisfied with their decisions. On top of that, it leads people to commit poorer choices -- sometimes at a time when the choice is crucial. Even if we choose well, we are often less content because, with so many choices, consumers are certain that somewhere out there was something much better. We experience doubt and uncertainty about the alternatives and we ponder about missed opportunities.

The same is applicable to your clinic. Your lits of services and pricing should be simple, straightforward and uncomplicated. If you want to increase form conversions, you must think about eliminating the number of options, not continually increase them. An easy experience shows users that you have enough options to choose from, and allows them to make comparisons that are relatively easy.

In fact, offering fewer options quickly lead to many more profits:


  • You're able to spend your patient markeing budget on fewer items.
  • Your staff can spend less time trying to talk about everything you can do, and talk about the benefits of the things that you already do.
  • You probably don't have to buy more technology.
  • Your patients can make clearer choices, and feel better about their decisions.
  • You sound more credibile and 'expert' in the area.


Limiting your menu of services and focusin your offering on a few key offerings gives you many benefits, and few drawbacks. If you offer everything you'll never be seen as being an expert in anything.