2 New (And Free) Products For Medical Spas

Over the course of the next month we're going to release two new free products to address the needs of cosmetic physicians and medical spas.

You can see our current free deals for medical spas here.

We're getting some new parnters involved that are looking to address pain points that every clinic needs to address around increased clinic visibiliy, new patient leads, and clinic operations. Over the next few weeks we're going to realeas a couple of new (and free) services:

  1. A new and improved medical spa directory that incorporates the newest technologies to drive increased patient traffic. This new directory will tap in to existing networks and get you in front of potential clients where you can tell your story.
  2. A medical spa operations manuals that independent medical spas can use to train and manage their staff. This manual is excatly what you know that you need, but is usually unattainable. We've done a deal that will make the operations manual from one of the most successful multi-location medical spas to Members.

Both of these offerings will be free to Medical Spa MD Members so if you're not already a member make sure that you join to get the latest stuff.