Understanding Women as Customers

Failure to understand the role of women as consumers and decision makers is seen as an impediment which prevents Americans from getting good health care.

This is the result of the research conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) among more than 9000 women respondents in US, UK, Germany, Japan and Brazil. Their study reveals that 70% of global consumer decisions are controlled by women, with 94% of them making their own health care decisions.

However, 77% of them do not do what they have to do to stay healthy because of lack of time. There is much information available online but only 31% of them trust the information they see in the internet. But the good news, according to CTI, is that they have also found out ways to make a difference in improving the trust and satisfaction among women.

Doctors and medical professionals can foster dialogue and provide clear communication. Providing them with enough information allows them to make informed decisions leading to a trusted partnership. Allowing women to also make their opinions matter may achieve connections to the female market. CTI research reveal that women make up around 88% of the health care workforce. It was found that women who share their stories and personal experiences as a heath decision maker allowed them to make connections with fellow women.

Researchers at CTI say that:

Developing a keen understanding of these women's wants and needs in health care, and using that understanding at every stage of product development and commercial relations, will help companies uncover and leverage huge market opportunities as well as surprise and delight their customers.

More on: http://www.talentinnovation.org/_private/assets/PopHealthcare_Infographic-CTI.pdf