Increasing Your Medspa Sales through Learning Reinforcement and Coaching

Learning is an ongoing process, even in a medspa.

According to a research done by Sales Performance International

"Without systematic, ongoing learning and reinforcement, approximately 50% of the learning content is not retained within five weeks, much less applied. Within 90 days, 84% of what was initially learned is lost."

In another study, it was estimated by ES Research that 85 percent to 90 percent of sales training fails after 120 days because of the failure to reinforce training.

Around $3.4 to $4.6 billion is spent by companies on sales training every year with outsourced sales training providers. A company may invest in great trainings and the sales person may remember them but fails to put it into use. Event-based trainings and one-time seminars produce limited results because habits and sales behaviors cannot be changed in a matter of few days.

Hence, practice, reinforcement, and repetition are needed so that sales team members may put their trainings into use and apply them to boost and increase sales.

Severals methods of sales reinforcement have are suggested by different authors and researches including instructor-led training, eLearning, virtual classrooms, "pushed" content, video sales scenarios, webcast "refresher" lessons, searchable knowledge repositories, and webinars.

Another reinforcement technique that many authors emphasize is sales coaching. It has been shown that effective sales coaching may improve revenue by 20 percent.

Also, an improvement in performance of up to 60 to 80 percent may be achieved through this technique.

How is this done?

Plan. Having a clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals, and business outcomes can help you keep track of your plans for your sales personnel.

Ask. Do not simply tell your sales personnel about what to do and avoid. Instead, there is more learning when your sales team members are given the chance to answer the issues themselves and provide constructive feedback regarding how to improve.

Integrate. Another important thing to remember is to have a structure that tracks and measures the team's progress in training.This can provide you with the information to track

Plan. Knowing what is expected after the reinforcement and coaching will allow you to visualize and reduce the risks of uncertainty, therefore increasing the chance of success in sales.