Increase Patient Visits through Blogging

Marketing has moved digitally, being out of the loop could hurt your clinic or practice. While you may have staff or a service working on marketing, there is one method you could do to help raise your website views (with the right strategy). Blogging is one sure way to do that.

Why you should blog?

Simple. It helps you get known. So, you ask. The main point of having your own blog means people will recognize you, your opinions, your practice, and your services. It gives you an opportunity to reach your current and potential patients. It allows you to speak your mind also. With your blog, you can include links in your entries (do this with care), and increase traffic in your website.

Blogging is another method to raise your SEO game. With the right content and keywords, you can reach the first few pages of Google-- with the right strategy. Decide with your team on what your clinic would like to be known as (e.g. Laser Resurfacing in [insert state here] or Best Botox [insert state here]). Stuffing or loading keywords in your blog post is a no-no. Google themselves warn users not to practice this as it could ruin your chances in ranking.

Once you have started blogging, you should commit, so when people find your blog it won't be empty or outdated. In an event you do not have time to write a post, ask a staff member in the practice as knowledgeable to write. Schedule or regularly update the blog so people could keep coming back for more high quality content. Worried about running out of topics to write? Curate or repurpose, just make sure you do not copy and paste from a previous blog post. Make it relevant with the year, the month, or season. Up to you. 

If you are not up to starting your own blog, (which could make or break you) another option is submitting a guest post. Guest posting is an incredible way to share your thoughts to another website, which allows you to expose yourself in another forum. There are many physician blogs out there that allow guest posting. Follow all the guidelines as stipulated before submitting one entry, and your post is good to go. If you're still not up for this one, you could submit a guest post with us here (So long as it is business or cosmetic medicine-related, you are good).

Why you should not be discouraged to blog.

Many physicians have and run their own blogs because these doctors know they can reach their target patients and audience. In terms of patients, when you blog about the services you offer people can find you. Although, you may need to optimize your keywords so you are one of the top searches. Keywords is key, and you will have to invest on that.

Things to Remember

  • Blogging STILL matters
  • Never load a blog post with keywords
  • When in doubt, guest post (…with us).