Four Ways To Motivate Your Staff

One of the best ways to prevent turnover and reduce the incidence of angry employees is through constant motivation.

While it's easy to say, "Go team!" everyday, it's not exactly motivational if you deadpan. Like any other business, staff is subject to prolonged work hours or monotonous activities which could be daunting to them. Staff motivation takes time like with trust and respect, which are both built. Here are four ways you can motivate your staff in your practice or clinic.

Create an encouraging and positive environment. This is important, because no staff would like to stay in a toxic environment and an overly-demanding and no-good boss. Constant encouragement and a good attitude will put your staff in high spirits. Whenever someone accomplishes a task, thank them and compliment them. Whenever someone makes a mistake, remind them it happens, offer any help if necessary, and still thank them for their work.

Treat them. To what? You ask. Staff dinner is a good example. Monthly bonuses are another option as well. So long as you set boundaries and it follows ethics and guidelines. Treating them occasionally would show how you appreciate their efforts and repaying them for their hard work.

Provide training. As a physician, it may be difficult to manage staff with all the procedures and appointments you are scheduled to perform and do. Thus, it is necessary to delegate procedures or therapies to your physician assistant, nurse practitioners, or aestheticians. Your employees would be thrilled if you provide them training for new devices or for management. This allows them to learn and expand their knowledge.

Remember to communicate. With everything, effective communication is key. In this situation, you can talk about any concerns within the team and resolving any issues that could hinder work. With this method, you are promoting transparency. You could schedule meetings on your free time with your staff, to talk about everything in the practice. Make certain that you regularly discuss with your staff.

There you have it! Motivating staff could boost employee morale. Motivation doesn't just happen overnight, it is a process, which could translate into a positive workplace.